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7 Tips To Make Profitable Dropshipping Video Ads in 2022

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This article will introduce specific best practices to keep in mind when launching high-converting dropshipping video ads.

These strategies apply for any dropshipping product being advertised through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Tiktok Ads.

  • Best Practices for Profitable Dropshipping Video Ads
  • Keep Your Dropshipping Video Ads Short
  • Include some UGC in your video ad
  • Keep Your Video Ads Fast-Paced
  • Focus on Branding
  • Emphasize Storytelling through Your Dropshipping Video Ads
  • Include Educational value in Video Ads
  • Use HD Footage
  • Where to Buy Dropshipping Video Ads?
  • You can find answers to frequently asked questions about dropshipping video ads here.

Focus on Branding in Dropshipping

The perfect dropshipping video ad is different for every brand. When advertising a product, you are also advertising your brand. Many dropshippers, however, forget this.

When making video ads for dropshipping, you should remember to focus on your branding strategy, and the lifestyle that is associated with your brand. This requires you to figure out your target demographic and to understand who they are, which decisions they make and how they live their day-to-day life.

For example, luxury ecommerce brands use video ads to promote a luxurious lifestyle that is associated with their brand image. Promoting a luxury lifestyle through Facebook video ads can be done by, for example, showcasing an expensive car in the video ad, a nice watch, nice clothing & a city environment, like New York for example.

Keep Your Dropshipping Video Ads Short

Shorter Facebook video ads usually perform better than longer video ads. Nobody likes wasting time watching commercials. Your video ad should be at least 10 seconds long, but no no-longer than 20 seconds.

Include some UGC in your video ad

User Generated Content give your buyer someone to relate to. UGC video ads usually have a higher Facebook Ads ROAS. You can hire an actor & buy UGC video ads through Adsellr's UGC Video ads Package.

Keep Your Video Ads Fast-Paced

Fast paced video ads perform better than slow ones. The average attention span nowadays is very short, so it's important your video ads are straight to the point. The average watch time for most dropshipping video ads is under 3 seconds, so you should make sure your dropshipping video ads open with a captivating visual. You should test different openers through  A/B testing different video ad creatives.

Emphasize Storytelling through Your Dropshipping Video Ads

Your video ads should be entertaining to watch. Make sure your dropshipping video ads include some storytelling. Your video ads should have include a plot that is interesting & entertaining to watch.

Include Educational value in Video Ads

People are more likely to watch a video ad that includes some educational value that's beneficial for them. This can be done through showcasing problems regarding your product or industry, or by telling a fun fact that is not commonly known in your target demographic. 

For example, if You are dropshipping a LED Pet Collar, you can inform your customers about the 6 million dogs that are killed in roadkill accidents during dark times.

Use HD Footage

Most dropshippers use low quality, Aliexpress footage. Stand out by showcasing HD footage which is visually beautiful to look at. You can record HD footage with your phone, or hire a production company to film & edit dropshipping video ads. Stand out with clean, beautiful video editing.

Showcase Beautiful Video Editing

Post production, or video editing is one of the most important aspects of dropshipping video ads. Post production will make or break your video ad.

Your video ad should be as clean as possible. For example, instead of including many text layers in your video ad, you should use a voiceover audio file or showcase a UGC clip. Video editing should only be used to add direct value to your video ad.

Your video ad should be in the correct resolution that is designed for it's placement. For example, with Instagram Ads you should use 1080x1920 (9:16) resolution videos. For Facebook Ads, you should use 1000x1000 (1:1) resolution videos.

Video editing can be very difficult to learn; it can take years to master a video editing program like Adobe After Effects. Instead of spending hundreds of hours learning video eidting, you can simply outsource this & leave it to the professionals. You can hire a professional production company who will edit your dropshipping video ads for you.

You can hire a professional production company like Adsellr to edit dropshipping video ads for you. You can directly buy Facebook video ads, Instagram video ads & Tiktok ads through our platform. We have over 10 years of ecommerce video production experience. We are currently the leading producer of ecommerce & dropshipping video ads. We specialize in Facebook & Instagram video ads.

Beware of dropservicing companies, like Bandsoffads & Viralecomvidz. These companies will simply outsource their videos from freelancers on Fiverr & Upwork and charge the profit. You should work with a real production company like Adsellr, Silktouch, Vita Pictura etc. 

Examples of Profitable Dropshipping Video Ads

Examples of highly-profitable video ads. These videos are short, direct to the point, showcase clean video editing, HD footage, UGC and they all include a direct call-to-action.You can find a reliable dropshipping ad creator on Adsellr.

Where to Buy Dropshipping Video Ads?

It's not recommended to hire video editors from Fiverr, Upwork or Bandsoffads since they have poor quality standards. You can contact us for dropshipping video ads. We can discuss all details & you have full control of your video ad. You can buy dropshipping video ads directly from Adsellr

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