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3 Simple Tips to Automate Your Shopify Store Marketing

3 Simple Tips to Automate Your Shopify Store Marketing

Shopify is a leading platform that helps budding entrepreneurs start, grow and manage their business! It allows you to take your business online to generate more sales, communicate with customers and have access to any resources that you may need. In an increasingly virtual world, Shopify is the way to go for success in ecommerce. Marketing is critical, but luckily, we have the best tips to help you get started.

Set Up Advanced Email Marketing Campaigns

Even in 2022, Email is a staple when it comes to growing and marketing your business.

Email is the best way to regularly communicate to customers about new products and promotions. Sending out welcome emails and email subscriptions boosts customer loyalty and keeps them coming back. It reminds customers about your business as well as any new deals to get them interested and generate traffic on your page. Abandoned checkout emails are follow up messages sent to customers who leave your website without buying anything. These are the perfect way to get customers to go back and buy the product.

Seguno is the top-rated email marketing platform built exclusively for Shopify. Visit their page today to grow your sales with high quality email automation campaigns.

Focus on Building Your SEO 

Information is key to market your Shopify store and the best way to build your SEO is to publish a wide range of articles and blog posts.

These should be focused on advertising new or bestselling products, what makes your business unique and a range of frequently asked questions. Customers will return if you make your business personal, rather than only transactional. In addition to this, publishing articles on major news outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, Inc, Bloomerg etc. for your target audience will significanty increase your SEO & organic Google Search ranking. This ultimately means more traffic on your page and more customers to buy your product. This may seem like a big task, but luckily, we know the best outlet to help with this. AdSellr will structure and publish your articles to the worlds largest news outlets with over 500 million monthly readers. This is an absolute necessity for your business.

Use UGC Video Ads to Build Social Proof and Trust with Your Customer

User generated content video ads is content made by real customers to provide a unique review of your product.

UGC Ads create a sense of trust that your product is worth being bought. The social media attention is also incredibly important for generating interest in your business. Influencers are a highly effective way to advertise and market your business and convince others to buy your products. AdSellr once again makes this job easy, by providing these videos for you! UGC video ads are the number one way to build brand image, customer trust and get a buzz going about what you are selling! Get started today to see success in no time.

Good marketing can make a huge difference in the success of your business and if you follow these tips, you’re sure to get results. You need interest, information and trust to secure customers and this can be done through advanced email marketing campaigns, building your SEO and using UGC video ads.

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