About us

This is Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide You with the tools that allow You to outsource certain aspects of Your online business. Our team has been heavily involved with ecommerce since 2017, which has been a pivotal factor to the early success of Adsellr. Aside from Adsellr, we also run multiple other ecommerce brands. By putting ourselves in our customers' shoes, We are able to curate services that solve specific problems for ecommerce business owners. We know, based on our first-hand own experience, how difficult and overwhelming it can be to run a successful ecommerce brand. Because We understand the challenges that come with scaling an online business, We are able to hyper-target our services and make it easier for You to efficiently scale Your online business.

2021 Founded in
10 Employees
850 Orders Delivered in 2022

Meet Our Team

Our entire team has a solid background in dropshipping and eocmmerce, which has been a huge factor in the rapid success of Adsellr. By being involved with ecommerce ourselves, we are able to understand our customers on a deeper level and thus curate services that solve a specific problem for every ecommerce business owner.

Joosep Seitam

Head of UGC Services, SEO Specialist

Martin Kardi

Chief of Operations, Paid Media Specialist

Hendri Talu

Chief Executive Officer, Paid Media Specialist

Hugo Pahkel

Chief Financial Officer & Head of Customer Relations

Muhammad Raza Tariq

Pre-Built Store Sales Manager & Senior Developer

Abdullah Mahmud

SEO Strategist, SEO Consultancy

Contact Us

Send us a message at support@adsellr.com or contact us through one of the following links. Our support team is active every day during business hours.