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5 Tips To Build Trust on Your Dropshipping Store

5 Tips To Build Trust on Your Dropshipping Store

So, you've set up your dropshipping store, but your conversion rates are still low. You've now arrived at the conclusion that your dropshipping store just does not have enough trust factor... Don't panic!

There are some simple fixes you can do that instantly raise your trust factor.

Put Your Instagram on the Home Page

Adding an Instagram reel to your home page is a great way to showcase your social media page. It's also a simple way to gain some new followers. There are many Shopify Apps that allow you to do this, some are:

Storista which allows you to add Instagram Story Videos to your home page and product page.

Storista also allows you to add a Instagram Reels widget directly to your home page.

InstaFeed is also a great one. It allows you to add your Instagram posts directly to your home page with a nice collage, slider or caroussel.

Your customers will feel safe because they can always reach out to you through your Instagram page. 

Use Instagram To Gain Organic Sales to Your Dropshipping Store

A large amount of all dropshipping sales come directly from social media. When a customer sees your Instagram Video AD, they will most likely check out your Instagram profile before placing an order. You should put a bit more effort into designing your social media page. It should create a nice, authentic first impression to your customer.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Account Look Legit

- Showcase UGC Videos of people using your product with Instagram Highlights. This is a great way to give your customer someone to relate to. It can also be a great way to answer some frequently asked questions about your dropshipping product.

- Showcase product reviews & influencer marketing with your Highlights. You can do this by sending influencers products and asking them to tag you in their Instagram story.

- Get some Instagram followers. You can grow your follower base quickly by using the follow-unfollow method. Simply follow people inside your target audience, and unfollow them the next day. It may seem dishonest, but it's a quick method to grow your Instagram followers fast. 

If you're too lazy to do this, you can just buy a dropshipping Instagram account inside your target audience. You can contact us directly at if interested.

- Post content every day. It may seem like a difficult task, but it's really important to make at least one Instagram post every day. Just try doing this for 30 days and you will notice the difference. You will start fueling organic traffic to your dropshipping store from Instagram. 

Leverage User Generated Content Videos to Build Trust

User Generated Content is by far one of the best methods to grow trust on your dropshipping store. 

Why are UGC Videos so Powerful? 

  • User Generated Content gives your customer someone to relate to.

  • User Generated Content helps put a friendly face behind your brand image.

  • UGC Videos are a powerful way to grow your brand image.

  • UGC Videos allow you to answer some frequently asked questions about your dropshipping product.

How to get UGC Videos?

There are two ways you can get UGC videos for your dropshipping product.

First Method: Contact Influencers on Social Media

This method can be more time consuming and may have a smaller success rate, but it's useful if you're on a tight budget with your dropshipping store.

  • Find some influencers inside your target audience.
  • Contact 10-20 influencers. Offer them a free product in exchange for a custom product review video or unboxing video. 
Keep in mind, that some influencers will also charge money to provide UGC videos. You can, however, find customers that will be happy to provide UGC videos in exchange for a free product. To ensure you don't get scammed, you should always ask them to sign a written contract.
  • Ship them your product.
  • Wait for your dropshipping product to arrive.
  • Get the UGC video. Done!

Second Method: Buy UGC Video Ads from a Production Agency

  • Head to
  • Answer 2 questions about your dropshipping product & brand.
  • Place an order.
  • Ship your product. You will see UGC shipping information after placing an order. 
  • Done! 

You will receive your UGC video AD 5-6 days after your product has arrived.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Where to Showcase Your UGC Videos?

UGC Videos are really powerful, so it's recommended to showcase them directly on your home page, and on your product page. You should also post them on social media.

Basically, everywhere you can. 😄

Add a Review App to Your Dropshipping Store

Reviews are some of the most popular ways to build trust with new dropshipping store visitors. There are many Shopify Apps you can use, like aReviews for example ($6 per month). 

You can use reviews to show pictures of your product, UGC videos, and also answer some frequently asked questions in an organic matter. You can also show off your fast shipping speed and pretty much anything else that's special about your dropshipping product. 

You should put your reviews directly on the home page of your dropshipping store, as well as on the product page.  

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