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UGC Examples

We work directly with hundreds of social media creators across the globe to provide you with industry user generated content service.

  • Beauty Products
  • Pet Products
  • Family Products
  • Jewelry & Luxury Products
  • Home-Decor and Furniture
  • Food Supplements
  • Fitness Products
  • Consumer Electronics

This is why UGC is the number one AD format.

User generated content is the number one way to build social proof and increase trust with Your customers.

Showcasing UGC helps associate your product with positive emotions and helps build your brand image to set Yourself apart from other dropshippers.

Content created by real people drives better results than traditional product ads. Seeing a human face behind a product or service is a lot more memorable and allows you to build a personal connection and resonate with Your customer.

Typically, user generated content also outperforms conventional video by having a 40% higher CTR and average watch time.

UGC Video UGC Video

UGC video for every language and country!

We have UGC creators based in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Thailand and 20+ other countries.

We can create user generated content for any high-risk dropshipping niche (e.g. baby products). Our user generated content is tailored for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok ads.

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Based on 457 reviews
Feb 09, 2023
Asked to implement French
Asked to implement French as an additional language for my site and they got it done. The metrics are good and the design seems unique. Personally I'm very happy about this as I'll enter the marketing mode then I will update this after a month or two.

Yana Thornton
Feb 04, 2023
The site turned out great
The site turned out great. Had my own vision so I gave a lot of pointers and got exactly what I wanted. They did advise me to drop certain requests due to site performance and SEO but I'm more than happy how it looks now.

Vera Davidson
Febr 08, 2023
The fee comes lower if you buy a site…
The fee comes lower if you buy a site and marketing option together than buying some services separately. Mine was ready and good to go within a week. Satisfied.

Lia Emery
Feb 06, 2023
I did a lot of research before landed…
I did a lot of research before landed on Adsellr page and all the hard work has been paid off. My first run has been a complete success and I'm just starting.

Jan 25, 2023
I didn't need to buy multiple services…
I did a lot of research before landed on Adsellr page and all the hard work has been paid off. My first run has been a complete success and I'm just starting.

Demi Woodhouse

3 Simple Steps to Get Your UGC.

Turnover time is 5-7 days after Your product has arrived in our creators' hands.

Choose Your creator & language

Choose Your creator, video language and submit any other preferences that You might have for the UGC AD. After completing payment, we will email You the address to which You must ship Your product.

Ship Your product to the creator

Once Your product has arrived in our creators hand, we will complete the UGC within 5-7 days. Our post-production team will then add their touch and deliver the finished UGC Video AD directly to you.

Get your first sale

Now You are ready to launch Your most profitable AD campaign ever. Sit back and watch your conversions skyrocket!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding UGC Ads. Contact us if you didn't find an answer to your question.

After Your product has arrived in the creators' hands, we will produce and deliver Your UGC AD within 5-7 business days.

You can choose the country & language of Your creator before checkout. After placing Your order, our team will send You the shipping address to which You must ship Your product.

You can choose Your creator from the UGC Customization Menu before checkout. We have UGC creators available in USA, Europe and Asia.

We have a strict NO REFUND policy. There is no way for us to recoup the time spent on Your order, therefore it is not possible to provide You with a refund. Before placing Your order, read our Terms of Service!

Our creators can produce UGC ads in the following languages: English (UK), English (USA), Italian, Spanish- Norwegian, French, Estonian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, German, Thai, Chinese, Thai and Japanese.

All UGC Ads come with 5 free revisions. In case You are not quite happy with Your AD, You just have tell us what You would like to adjust and our team will deliver You the revised UGC AD within 4-5 business days. To submit Your UGC AD for revision, please visit our Help Desk at

Unless dealing with high-ticket items, no. If it's important for You to get Your product back, then please contact us with Your order number. You just need to cover the shipping expenses.

The main age demographic of Adsellr creators are 18-30 years old but we do have creators who are 30+ years old. As well, we are currently working on this specific group of the creators. Please contact us before placing Your order.

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