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Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale: 11 Greatest Providers

Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale

Present-day dropshippers would like a to save time and energy by buying a prebuilt Shopify dropshipping store. These stores are usually set up completely. So, all basic and advanced functionalities are all programmed in the store. Therefore, the seller can start immediately with selling, without worrying about building a professional store first. Most guru’s or experienced sellers also suggest beginners to do this, because building a high-quality Shopify store can be troublesome and difficult if you have no experience!

The main advantage of buying a prebuilt dropshipping store is mainly to save time and energy, but also to let you focus on other aspects of dropshipping. Such as marketing, social media growth and scaling. Moreover, these stores usually start selling immediately, if you put ads online at least. So, they are definitely worth the investment.

So, if you searched for “pre built Shopify stores” or “pre built Shopify store” on Google, then you have found the right blog post!

In this blog post, we’ll show you the 11 best providers for attaining a prebuilt dropshipping store quickly and reliably. We’ll give you an in-depth look at the Pros and Cons of each company that provides these services. We will also reveal which elements and aspects you should take into consideration before using your hard-earned cash, and so to make you spend every dime effectively without worry!

So, are you ready? Let’s go!

Table of Content:

Websites that provide prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores: The 11 Greatest Providers

  1. Adsellr
  2. Fiverr
  3. Exchange Marketplace
  4. Wholesale2b
  5. AliDropship
  6. Ali2Woo
  7. WooDropship
  8. Premade Stores
  9. StartStorez
  10. Spocket
  11. BeBiggy


  1. Why do you need to buy a dropshipping store?
  2. What is there to know about a pre-made dropshipping store?
  3. Is it worth buying a pre-built dropshipping store?
  4. Ways to determine the value of a premade dropshipping store?
  5. How much it costs for the dropshipping store to be custom made to your niche?


adsellr pre built shopify store service custom ecommerce dropshipping website service

Adsellr is one of the better-known and most reliable ecommerce B2B service providers, known for its wide diversity and quality in its services. They assist you with social media and store management, provide video AD content, prebuilt Shopify stores, blog writing and many more services!

The company has been launched in 2018, and is up until now a great success. Adsellr is perhaps best known for their high-performing custom Shopify store service. For a fee, they will set up a profitable and ready-to-sell Shopify website that is full of winning products so You can hit the ground running fast.

With its professional and trustworthy team, who can be easily contacted through Telegram, Whatsapp or Email. They assist you in nearly all your ventures in dropshipping and provide concrete advice in all the ins-and-outs so you can become a better dropshipper.


  • You can choose your niche & customize Your store quickly
  • They help you enhance sales and generate good revenue with their User Generated Content Video AD.
  • Identify the best factors to improve your store and implement them to promote sales.
  • Great, friendly and professional team to work with
  • Search Engine Optimization included
  • Free 10K Instagram account included
  • Email marketing automation & workflow Setup
  • Track your order page, reviews page and 8 other SEO optimized pages
  • Includes free pack of 30 premium Shopify themes
  • Don’t have to spend time on product research, as all stores are packed with winning products that are updated every quarter based on sale statistics
  • Better for people who wish to deploy capital and quickly hit the ground running with dropshipping
  • Delivery file includes checklist how you can start driving traffic to Your store and getting sales


  • One of the most expensive service providers
  • Slow delivery time of 4-5 business days
  • No domain or Shopify subscription included


The pricing ranges between $99 to $899.



flippa pre built shopify online store premade dropshipping ecommerce website service

One of the largest Freelancer Platforms that offers millions of freelancing services. Services are offered by freelancers. Fiverr is very popular in the dropshipping world for its variety of services and prices. 

Fiverr offers prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores, made by independent freelancers at a low price. You can find hundreds of third and first world country sellers who will happily build Your dropshipping store for beer money.


  • Very low budget required, You can get a custom store with under $20
  • Freelancers are easy to communicate back and forth with, making it easy to revise your website and give feedback based upon the quality of their work
  • Most freelancers are very hard working and determined to provide a great service


  • Many pre-built Shopify stores are copy-paste designs made from old templates and have very poor navigation and UI/UX design
  • Most freelancers are inexperienced with dropshipping themselves, meaning they don’t have the capacity or knowledge required to design a great website that has a high conversion rate with winning products.
  • Most sellers only use free & default Shopify themes with very basic design
  • Many third world country freelancers lack proper english skills, making it impossible to have good copywriting on Your pre-built Shopify store
  • The quality of work on Fiverr is outstanding but also ask for extremely high prices.
  • Sellers might take up to 1-30 working days to complete their task. The completion time can vary, because nobody supervises the purchase. If you would like to cancel, this can be very troublesome and time-consuming, since Fiverr is sometimes very slow to react.

Price Range:

Usually setting up a dropshipping store costs $45 to $400 in between. However, some freelancers exceed this price range to around $1000.

Exchange Marketplace

exchange marketplace pre made shopify store ready made pre made dropshipping ecommerce website buy custom online store service

One of the biggest online platforms to buy a pre built e-commerce business is Shopify’s official Exchange Marketplace. It allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell active Shopify dropshipping stores that have already been managed by previous owners. So, these stores already have data concerning revenue and expenses.

By browsing the market and using filters, you can quickly find stores for sale for your specific interests and niche. There are stores on Exchange Marketplace that can fit a wide range of budgets, and it also offers verified stores with average monthly revenue, a good profit margin, and organic traffic.


  • Established, reliable and high-quality dropshipping store directly from sellers.
  • Official platform by Shopify, 100% secure
  • Offers verified websites including statistics, traffic, revenue, and monthly sales directly imported from Shopify
  • Safe, secure, and quick payments


  • Requirement levels are high and strict, both sellers and buyers have to be verified before they can participate in the marketplace
  • You will not become the owner of your shop, until every fee associated with the purchase has been paid. Sometimes additional fees appear.
  • When buying an active ecommerce site, You should always make sure that You also get access and full ownership of the social media & Google accounts as well as the Shopify store.

Price Range

The price ranges vary with the store niche. Generally, it ranges from $95 to $150,000.



wholesale2b pre built shopify store service custom dropshipping ecommerce website online store service

This company offers entirely customizable dropshipping stores with domains and hosting servers. From all of the Dropshipping companies in this list that offers pre-built Shopify stores, Wholesale2b is a console-in-one platform that offers other services like custom dropshipping management and future building plans for a website.

The website offers a website server plan as well. In Wholesale2b there is a complete package that also includes a domain name, Hosting, free SSL, full inventory syncing, and one-click order processing.


  • Contains an extensive product database.
  • Ease to use on a third-party marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, and BigCommerce.
  • The start-up cost is low.
  • Offers 1 Million Products from over 100 different US suppliers which is included in the most basic plan.


  • If you need to browse the product database the free website plan is only useful.
  • Useful and reliable dropshipping tools are not offered by Wholesale2b
  • Wholesale2b offers customer support only via live chat, which has its limits.
  • Automated order processing will cost 3% per order cost.

Price Range

Here a fully customizable dropshipping store is built for $49 per month. Offers a lot of products and you receive your store only one business day, but it is a subscription that you pay for on a monthly basis.


alidropship pre built online store pre built dropshipping ecommerce website online stores service adsellr

AliDropship is a well known company that offers a premade store services.

The free-of-charge AliDropship plugin allows you to create custom Shopify Dropshipping stores and quickly receive sales and a high revenue. 

Integrated AliDropship stores (via the plugin) will be able to import products immediately from AliExpress and additional products from AliDropship themselves. 

The company is well-known for helping many people to establish dropshipping stores. Additionally, many stores they provide are legit, and contain a social media account with it and that you receive as well.


  • There are many good webshop offers here, as AliDropship makes it easy and fast to find a store and also find new winning products to sell so you can generate a good income every month.
  • A powerful built-in marketing system allows for creating coupons and email newsletters. 
  • The AliDropship plugin contains unlimited products and suppliers which are updated regularly.


  • It's pretty difficult for beginners to use a WordPress plugin, let alone integrate it inside your store for specific products, because this needs to be programmed into your website, to make it blend in.
  • Availability of different kinds of themes is limited

Price Range

AliDropship offers 3 different plans

  • Basic: $299
  • Advance: $499
  • Ultimate: $899

6: Ali2Woo

ali2woo pre built dropshipping business shopify pre made online ecommerce website online stores service adsellr

Ali2Woo is a specially designed WordPress plugin for dropshipping that receives AliExpress products via WooCommerce or Shopify custom-made plugins. It is a great provider of custom-made stores as well.

Ali2Woo Includes an optimized theme, domains, and brand logo designs along with winning products and that have up to 12% cashback offers. The also provide the availability to sync product inventory from AliExpress with the help of the Ali2Woo Plugin, directly 



  • AliExpress to WooCommerce or Shopify Dropshipping stores are directly fully functional
  • A lot of winning products easily obtained from AliExpress.
  • Ali2Woo plugin access is free to import unlimited products
  • Manages and updates all inventory automatically periodically.


  • You do not have complete ownership of each product, so in charge of them is Ali2Woo fundamentally.
  • Some profitable products might be restricted
  • When managing a long-term business, monthly fees will start to build up and become expensive over time. It's better to go with a one-time purchase and avoid the monthly fees.

Price Range

For a perfect dropshipping store to start-up your business will cost around $499.

  1. Flippa

flippa pre built dropshipping store custom built ecommerce website service adsellr


Among the largest online marketplaces, Flippa was founded in 2009 and provides a marketplace for online businesses, digital real estate and much more. On Flippa, You can also find offers for pre-made shopify dropshipping stores, as well as active, sales-generating Shopify stores that are making up to 6 figures per month. Due to its authority and extensive traffic, Flippa is considered the perfect solution for acquiring an eCommerce business in any category. 


  • There are two easy advantages to Flippa's pricing: the listing fee and commission are both very low. There are many exciting features of Flippa, including the ability to sell websites, domain names, SaaS, online businesses, apps, and many more. 
  • Easy to communicate between buyers and sellers
  • Various payment methods, including escrow services allow for a secure transaction and peace of mind for both the buyer and seller.
  • Most Flippa listings have very thorough descriptions of the business and give a great overview of what You’re getting


  • The minimum fee for publishing a listing on Flippa is $29
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to verify the authenticity and sales statistics of the seller's website.
  • Flippa charges a fee for every transaction made on the platform
  • In some cases, it offers poor buyer protection. There is also a lack of migration help.

Price Range

You can find different types of online businesses, including pre built Shopify stores and already active dropship stores starting from $200, going all the way up to $1M+.

8: Premade Stores

premade stores pre built dropshipping store custom built ecommerce online website service adsellr

This company offers Shopify pre-built dropshipping stores. Customers can enjoy a fast and high quality service. 

Premade stores offer you the modern and professional store you need. These stores are usually custom-branded by excellent designers.


  • This platform offers basic pre-made custom stores. With the help of professional designers, these stores have ultra-modern designs.
  • custom domains are included
  • Winning products with an extensive description are added to the store.
  • An appropriate premium theme.
  • Offers a plugin for currency converter.


  • Having less control over your business, they decide which interface the store has.
  • You don't have control over the quality of products, because the quality of the products are low.

Price Range

To set up your eCommerce store will cost $180, while premade stores start at $750.

9: StartStorez

startstorez pre built ecommerce dropshipping business service custom built online store adsellr

StartStorez is a fast-growing company with extremely fast delivery of 4 to 5 days. Known for their 4-5 day delivery time, StartStorez is one of the most popular service providers for purchasing a pre-built Shopify store.

It includes popular niches such as watches, jewelry, electric hairdrying accessories, and pet supplies.

They also provide you with a unique design, custom logo, premium Shopify theme as well as third-party integration for importing products.


  • A Professional Shopify store at low cost.
  • Premium Shopify theme with a unique design
  • Inventory Automation, so it is just a click away to restock your products.
  • Full ownership within 4 to 5 Business days.


  • Their stores don’t always convert currencies very well. The numbers do not round up well with their converting currency plugin.
  • There is no control or command over the supply chain. Your store is completely dependent on product suppliers and whether or not they choose to restock their products and continue to work with you.
  • Website includes fake

Price Range

Getting started with a basic pre-built eCommerce store costs only $90, however, a branded store will set You back exactly $150.


spocket pre built dropshipping stores custom built ecommerce business dropship website online store adsellr

With a wide range of wholesale merchants mostly in the United States and Europe, Spocket is an order fulfillment service provider. Basically, Sprocket allows you to speedrun product research and discover reliable western suppliers of original US & EU products. It also includes merchants in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Asia.

It is easy to browse the products of a merchant with the help of the Spocket Plugin. It can also automate the entire order process, with products shipping to your customers at the point of purchase.


Although they do not offer entire pre-built stores, they still play an important role in the logistics chain of certain pre-built Shopify store service providers, which is why we chose to include them in this list.


  • The brand invoice feature is one of the most highlighted features of Spocket.
  • Possibility to create custom branded packaging for Your products
  • You can work with EU & US suppliers that provide fast shipping, thus driving up your conversion rates
  • Saves Yourself the hassle of finding and communicating with reliable suppliers
  • There’s a 14 day free trial


  • Spocket is a middleman, therefore it is also a bit more expensive than working directly with the suppliers
  • Brand Invoices are available on the pro-plan only, which is a 1-year plan that you cannot cancel after the trial.

Price Range

For 25 products, the Spocket Basic Plan starts at $24.99 per month.

11: BeBiggy

pre built ecommerce dropshipping store custom built online store dropshipping store business service adsellr

BeBiggy offers premade Shopify dropshipping stores fully loaded with up to 100 high-quality products, delivered in 24-72 hours. On their website, you can browse featured listings of pre-built dropshipping stores that are ready to start generating revenue.


  • The stores include products from reputable and trustworthy suppliers.
  • Because You can browse pictures of the store You are going to purchase, You know what You are getting and there is little risk of disappointment
  • Offers good store design, hosting as well as payment processing.
  • They offer promotion courses to increase your knowledge about dropshipping.


  • Difficulty in dealing with order returns, because it is not automated.
  • Winning products that have many sales go out of stock quickly, because the suppliers have small warehouses.

Price Range

BeBeggy is quite affordable and provides a great bang for your buck. Some stores cost only about $29, whilst others are more on the expensive side. The courses are only for members which depends on the plan you take which ranges from $49.99 to $299.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Why do you need to buy a dropshipping store?
  2. What is there to know about a pre-made dropshipping store?
  3. Is it worth buying a pre-built dropshipping store?
  4. Ways to determine the value of a premade dropshipping store?
  5. How much does it cost for the dropshipping store to be custom made to your niche?
  6. How to start marketing a pre-built dropshipping store?

  1. Why do you need to buy a dropshipping store?

Creating a profitable dropshipping without any prior experience in UI/UX design, or web development can prove to be an extremely difficult and time consuming task. Hence why, if you are looking to hit the ground running in dropshipping, a premade dropshipping website might be the right choice for you. Purchasing a pre-built Shopify store is a great option for anyone looking to save time and deploy capital. 

Premade stores also come integrated with third-party dropshipping software and tools for importing products from top suppliers and automating inventory management for you without spending unnecessary time and energy.

  1. What is there to know about a pre-made dropshipping store?

A prebuilt dropshipping store is an ordinary webshop that has already been built by developers, before being handed over to the new owner, or the client. It already includes a niche of products to sell, various pages, website content and a lot more depending on the service provider. For example, some service providers, such as Adsellr even include a 10K Instagram account.

3: Is it worth buying a pre-built dropshipping store?

Yes, definitely! It’s the best way to go for people who wish to make a quick buck, but also looking at this in the long term is effective! You can get everything you need by communicating this with your prebuilt store supplier. For example, in which niche you would like to work, how many products you want, if you’d like to target a specific demographic, or country, etc.

4: Ways to determine the value of a pre-built dropshipping store?

The value of a prebuilt store is determined by its assets, the type of store it is, if it has a trustworthy and experienced supplier. It also includes an original logo, good products and well-known brands.

You have to do a lot of work when managing a store, so buying a premade one saves you a lot of time. Moreover, if you need some financial support, you can obtain it easily when buying an already existing business, because their system is most likely integrated with it.

5: How much does a dropshipping store cost per month?

Generally, it costs more to buy a domain and hosting individually. Usually, the average cost of a domain name is $10 annually and monthly hosting ranges from $5-$10.

However, Shopify offers it for about $29 monthly with the domain and hosting. It is easy and quite affordable to run a dropshipping store. Purchasing a domain from Shopify will cost You an extra $14 per year, though.

  1. How to Start Marketing a Pre-Built Dropshipping Store?

There are endless methods of paid and organic advertising for dropshipping, however, the most common methods that are suitable for beginners in dropshipping are typically either Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram follow-unfollow organic growth, TikTok Ads and Reddit Marketing.

Another popular method of organic social media advertising is through buying Instagram followers, which is a necessity for building social proof and turning Your Instagram account to a cost-effective, highly optimized sales channel.


Regardless of your budget and experience, purchasing a pre-built dropshipping store is the fastest way to set up a profitable ecommerce business without purchasing inventory, and spending a huge amount of time.

It has been simplified; although it is still critical to take all necessary precautions before purchasing. Browse various websites and find the best offer that suits your expectations and needs the most.

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Joosep, a native of Tallinn, Estonia, serves as the co-founder and chief content strategist at Adsellr. With a track record of establishing thriving e-commerce stores since 2016, he brings a wealth of expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and team leadership. Outside of his professional pursuits, Joosep takes pleasure in creating insightful articles on online marketing and entrepreneurship.

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