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In-Depth Guide to UGC Ads for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

In-Depth Guide to UGC Ads for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Why is user-generated content unlocking potential for Shopify dropshipping stores globally?

This guide presents how the benefits of UGC video ads are transforming the ecommerce marketing landscape.

What is User Generated Content?

User-generated content (UGC) is media such as video, audio, and text that has been created and posted by a user to a social media platform. In recent years, businesses and marketers have understood the impact of this content in promoting their brands and have begun to leverage the power of UGC video ads because of their benefits.

So, what are the Benefits of User-Generated Content?

Here are the three core benefits of running an user generated content marketing campaign for Your Shopify Dropshipping website. 

1. UGC Ads build trust with your customers

Why are UGC video ads excellent at building trust with your customers?

These media present a more authentic insight into your products that don't usually come with traditional brand-created video ads.

UGC ads are typically created by people who are also creators on TikTok, Facebook or any other social media. These content creators know how to captivate their audiences in an organic manner.

2. UGC Ads Provide A Genuine Review of Your Products

Viewers will feel enticed to watch the UGC ad, since it feels native to the platform and not necessarily like a video advertisement.

UGC Ads give Your viewers a realistic overview of Your product, how to use it and in general what to expect from purchasing Your product. UGC videos feel honest, because they are made by the consumer, not the business.

3. UGC Video Ads Build Trust Factor

Due to the explosion of competition in the dropshipping ecommerce market, social proof has become an essential way to stand out from Your dropshipping competitors, but what exactly is it?

Social proof is the validation of Your dropshipping website with authentic testimonials through social media. UGC ads are excellent at achieving this goal.

As exemplified below, UGC video ads build social proof on various prominent platforms.

4. UGC video ads build brand image.

UGC marketing is integral to building a successful brand image. Sinking time and effort into building a brand with traditional marketing practices is all good, but standing out from the competition requires a more authentic edge.

Suppose you run a business such as a Shopify dropshipping website. In that case, your brand image ensures customers trust your products and have faith in the purchasing process

UGC Ads can see a broad spectrum of content creators sing your praises with UGC video ads. They build a powerful brand image for your dropshipping business.

UGC Ads on Instagram

Instagram videos or stories from an influencer or key opinion leader (KOL) can garner more trust in your Shopify brand with an objective review or perspective on your product and service.

The more focused content from a relatable personality is a significant driver in building social proof for Your online Shopify dropshipping business.

UGC on TikTok Ads

TikTok is a video-based platform becoming increasingly popular in 2022. Its native-video format provides more intrigue and engagement than other platforms.

UGC video ads adopt that native approach, making promotional content look and feel more natural, driving up the average watch time by up to 500%.

How To Display UGC on Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

There are many challenges to promoting a dropshipping store, and social proof is critical.

UGC video ads that showcase the users of Your product will help give potential customers peace of mind that your products are quality. UGC helps associate Your product with positive emotions and a friendly face, which makes them more likely to remember Your brand as opposed to another competitor without UGC ads.

An easy method to showcase UGC on Your Shopify store would be using an Instagram Reels & Story Shopify app such as Storista. Storista allows you to display Instagram Reels & Stories directly on Your Shopify product or home page. The app is completely free to install and easy to set up. 

Where To Buy UGC Video Ads?

UGC video ads bring a wealth of possibilities. They can unlock bountiful rewards for your brand, but how do you even start connecting with creators to get them?

The details are vital when finding the right people to promote your brand with authentic content, especially when working with a Shopify dropshipping store.

Adsellr is a specialist in UGC marketing, taking care of every aspect from communicating with KOL-s & script-writing to post-production video editing. 

Furthermore, We minimize any risks associated with a UGC campaign, since You don't have to worry about inconsistent communication with influencers, long product shipping times or other technical problems.


UGC Ads are the top-performing AD format for dropshipping websites in 2022. Whether You are a beginner, novice or master in ecommerce dropshipping, You should consider including UGC ads campaign on Your next marketing campaign with Tiktok or Facebook. 

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Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, Martin is the co-founder and director of paid advertising at Adsellr. With a history of launching prosperous e-commerce stores since 2015, he possesses an extensive skill set that includes managing social media advertisements, crafting high-converting website copy, and continuously expanding his e-commerce knowledge.

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