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What is Consumer Generated Marketing in Ecommerce?

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Consumer generated marketing is undoubtedly the marketing buzzword in 2022, but how can you use it to your advantage?

This guide will walk you through the practice of consumer generated marketing and why it is an essential ad format for dropshippers & online merchants in 2022.

What is Consumer Generated Marketing?

Consumer generated marketing (CGM), also known as user generated content is a practice where businesses or marketing agencies invite actual products and service users to create content that showcases them. For example, if a TikTok creator makes a video reviewing a product they like, it's considered a consumer generated marketing video ad.

These media typically include videos on social media platforms, differing from traditional advertising because consumer generated marketing has a more native feel and genuine insight into the promoted products.The native factor and the results consumer generated marketing drives are just one of the reasons why the practice is so prevalent in today's world of ecommerce & Shopify dropshipping.  

Why is Consumer Generated Marketing is So Popular in Shopify Dropshipping?

1. Consumer Generated Marketing Video Ads Build Social Proof and Customer Trust

What is social proof in ecommerce? Why is it important?

Social proof is a metric that highlights the opinions and usage of other product users. Considering that most consumers now research their products before buying them, it is a driving factor for purchasing in 2022.

For example, it is not rare that before making a purchase on Your dropshipping store,  a consumer will check Your Instagram profile for social proof.CGM ads give products and services excellent social proof and builds customer trust in the products and your brand.

2. Consumer Generated Marketing Gives Your Products Authenticity

Target demographics for brands have evolved to become more intelligent about standard advertising practices. Most will now see traditional video ads with paid actors as a way to exaggerate the value of products without showcasing any actual use for them.CGM from a content creator is a more realistic outlook on products and services, giving them a profound sense of authenticity.

3. Consumer Generated Marketing Ads Build Brand Image

Having actual users shed a positive light on your brand and promoting your core values can work wonders for brand building.

The more CGM Ads that get incorporated into your marketing campaign, you'll be able to understand how consumers interact with your brand. You can create more tailored content and improved products in the future.

4. CGM Ads Allow You to Showcase Real Customer Reviews

Web users are becoming more aware of legitimate reviews and ones that don't look particularly convincing. CGM is an opportunity to present genuine customer reviews that will be much more trusted than ones that seem generated from bots.

5. Consumer Generated Marketing Outperforms All Other AD Formats in 2022

The high average watch time and click-through rate for CGM videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook highlight why this content brings better results for brands.

The authentic approach of Consumer Generated ads help spark more emotions associated with Your dropshipping product and since user generated content feels native to social media platforms, it has much higher interactivity than brand-created video ads in 2022.The engagement and conversion metrics speak for themselves - CGM is a preferred practice for promoting products and services.

Where to Buy Consumer Created Video Ads? 

The reasons mentioned above highlight why CGM is a beneficial practice and how you can use it.

But where do you start with getting CGM for your online dropshipping website?Adsellr offers a comprehensive CGM service that makes creating authentic content promoting your products a breeze.

All you need to do is send them your dropshipping product after placing an order, and We will handle the rest. Our UGC video ads have proven to convert well for Shopify dropshipping stores in 2022.


CGM is undoubtedly the top-performing AD format in 2022. Consumer generated marketing (CGM), or user generated content (ugc) is often the easiest way for dropshippers to increase their ROAS on Facebook & TikTok ads.

UGC ads are great for building brand image, trust, social proof etc. For these reasons, more and more dropshipping stores are starting to use UGC ads in their Shopify marketing campaigns.

can be time-consuming and sometimes complex, but Adsellr takes care of it all so that you can focus on selling more.

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