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Best 3 Ways To Grow Shopify SEO Ranking on Google in 2022

Best 3 Ways To Grow Shopify SEO Ranking on Google in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of growing a long-term and sustainable Shopify business.

Why so?

Because SEO enables you to get your online store noticed and appeared on the very first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on Google.

So, if you want to grow your Shopify eCommerce store business, three ways your store can benefit from Search engine optimization services.

1. Build Backlinks to Your Dropshipping Shopify Store

Backlinks are links that bring the audience from other websites back to yours.

Why are backlinks so important in SEO?

Because backlinks play a vital role in driving traffic back to your Shopify eCommerce store. They are also known as inbound links and help search engines determine how relevant your store is to searchers' queries. In fact, backlinks coupled with top-quality content on your store empowers you to rank your store highly in search engines and gain more attention with SEO results.

How to improve the SEO of Your Dropshipping Shopify Store with backlinks?

There are multiple ways to do it. However, with our Press Release service, you can publish an article about Your Shopify store on international news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, CNN, CBC, The Motley Fool & Bloomberg can be a great way to build backlinks and rank higher on google searches. These are reputable news outlets that provide high-quality backlinks to Your shopify store.

2. Publish an Article About Your Shopify Store on International News Outlets

International news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, INC, CNN, CBC, THE MOTLEY FOOL, BLOOMBERG NEWS, etc. have millions of monthly audiences.

That said, you can publish your online store instantly on these news sites and reach over 500 million monthly readers.

These are world-famous media and news websites that are highly reputable, and thus allow you to build your brand image and reach millions of readers at the same time.

This is another way for dropshipping businesses to stand out competition in 2022.

3. Start Publishing More Blog Post Articles on Your Shopify Store

Publishing blog post articles is important for SEO growth. As we have already mentioned that backlinks coupled with top-quality content on your Shopify eCommerce store empowers you to rank your store higher in search engines.

Professionally written blog post articles that include key search terms and keywords used by your Google Search audience greatly help you in SEO. By adding these keywords to your website, you can rank higher on Google and gain organic sales.

Luckily, you can save hundreds of writing hours and hire Adsellr to write 10 blog post articles for Your Shopify store. This way You can set your SEO growth on Autopilot and quickly grow Your Google Search ranking.


Simply put, SEO is one of the simplest but highly effective ways to ensure a long-term and sustainable business.

SEO enables you to get your dropshipping Shopify store appeared among the very first SERPs on Google.

You can grow your Shopify eCommerce store business by optimizing the SEO of your store in three highly effective and efficient ways - Build backlinks to your dropshipping Shopify store, publish your Shopify store on international NEWS OUTLETS, such as YAHOO FINANCE, and publish more blog post articles.

These three techniques will definitely help you achieve results even beyond any stretch of your imagination.

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Joosep, a native of Tallinn, Estonia, serves as the co-founder and chief content strategist at Adsellr. With a track record of establishing thriving e-commerce stores since 2016, he brings a wealth of expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and team leadership. Outside of his professional pursuits, Joosep takes pleasure in creating insightful articles on online marketing and entrepreneurship.

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