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5 User Generated Content Examples in Dropshipping

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What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content, otherwise known as UGC, or consumer generated marketing, are typically custom product review videos made by Tiktok or Instagram creators.

As humans, we are more inclined to purchase products that we see our friends, families or even colleagues tell us about, rather than purchasing something that has been blatantly advertised to us by a business.

You trust Your friends, so when they vouch for a product or service, it automatically adds credibility to the product and spikes interest in Yourself as well. This is known as social proof. 

In 2022, social proof is one of the pivotal factors in building a successful Shopify dropshipping business online. 

UGC video ads, also known as consumer generated marketing is undoubtedly integral in running a successful marketing campaign on platforms such as Tiktok & Faecbook Ads.

In this article, we will cover five examples of user generated content video ads made by Shopify Dropshipping websites & ecommerce merchants in 2022.

1. Skincare and Beauty UGC AD 

What makes this UGC ad special? first, it's fast-paced and opens up with a great scroll-stopper. It quickly introduces the name of the ecommerce brand to the viewers, before expanding on the reasons why the product is good for Your skin.
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The directors of this UGC ad have made a great choice with the choice of UGC actors, because they match the target demographic of who this product is meant for. It instantly gives the viewers someone to relate to.

Furthermore, this user generated content strategy associates the product with positive emotions and the relief of how this product can clear up Your skin fast.

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Another important factor, is that the creators in this user generated content example describe the problem which this product aims to solve, which in this case is facial acne. This gives the user generated content video a clear message to people who are struggling with skin-related problems or facial acne.

The UGC ad feels youthful, energetic and overall establishes a great, positive vibe. Hence why this UGC ad is so great for TikTok. We made this UGC ad for a client in march of 2022. 

2. Sunset Lamp UGC AD Example


Alright. Let's be honest. You are scrolling through TikTok, bored, as usual. A beautiful girl pops up. What do you do? Keep watching, right?

This user generated content example opens up with a great scroll-stopper - "I've been seeing this X all over TikTok....".
This immediately spikes the interest of the viewer, because for one, it gives the idea that this product is something that is already popular among people on TikTok, and that the creator of the user generated content video ad is also a TikTok viewer, like the demographic to whom this UGC ad is meant for.
The UGC creator mentions TikTok and the fact that the product is being used by TikTok users, which prompted her to get one herself. This is a great example of the social proof cycle because she got it as a result of other people using it.
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Now, notice how the UGC actor is not selling the product, but rather selling the positive emotions associated with the product. This is a key characteristic of a great UGC video ad.
Furthermore, the UGC actor not only uses the product, but they also show viewers how the product works, what it does and the different settings it has. This answers any questions the viewers may have, and makes the purchasing process a lot easier for them.

3. Protein Shake UGC AD

This UGC Ad has it all! The video gives a full demonstration of what the product is, why it's beneficial, who it's for, and how to get it.
This user generated content example captivates the audience quickly by mentioning the target audience to whom this product is targeted for.
Because of the well-defined niche to whom this AD is targeted for, it immediately spikes interest in Twitch creators and social media content creators who spend long hours behind the screen, and need an easy solution to eating healthy.
This user generated content example is short, precise and straight to the point, and that's exactly why it's so good. 

4. Teeth Whitener UGC AD

This UGC marketing video opens up with a great, attention-grabbing message: "Ok, I have to tell You about my newest obsession, which is X..." 
This immediately creates a moment of excitement in the viewer, as it feels like the creator is really trying to share something positive with the viewer, rather than cold-selling a product to them. 
Just like last time, the creator shows how to use the product, what it does, how it works and why it's so beneficial.
This user generated content example also showcases custom packaging of the Shopify dropshipping brand, which gives the customer an idea that this is not a dropshipping business, but rather a well-established ecommerce brand.

5. Luxury Niche UGC AD

This is another example of great user generated content marketing. We made this UGC ad in june of 2021 for a jewelry company based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Why is this user generated content example so great?
First off, there are multiple products shown in the AD, not just one. If you are going to purchase an iced out chain, you might also want an iced out bracelet, and why not two? Just look at how good the creator looks with all that jewelry on.
It's only 9 seconds long! This is great, because there's no chit-chat. The UGC ad creator quickly gets the message across and therefore there's not much room for decision making. After watching the video, the viewer is only left with one question, and that is whether they want the jewelry or not.
And once again, the actor shown in the video matches the target demographic to whom this product is aimed for. In the apparel & jewelry niche, it's important to show other people wearing Your products.
Furthermore, it's well produced. The jewelry is shown in beautiful, natural lighting. And another thing, the white T-shirt helps the jewelry stand out well and really makes the entire outfit pop.
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Also, notice how we show the jewelry up-close and in detail. This helps give Your customer the best idea possible of what they will receive, were they to place an order.
And finally, the branding! Hear how the creator in this UGC ad communicates the message. They use words & phrases that feel familiar to the audience, and therefore it's easy to listen. 
This user generated content strategy is essential for all apparel & luxury brands.

Where to Buy User Generated Content?

All of the user generated content examples covered in this article were made by Adsellr - our very own user generated content platform.
If you are interested in getting an UGC ad done for Your shopify dropshipping, or ecommerce business, then please feel free to reach out to us here.
We work directly with hundreds of KOL-s and influencers worldwide to provide our clients with the best UGC video ad service available on the market.
By purchasing Your UGC ads from an user generated content platform like ourselves, You avoid having to deal with inconsistent influencers, long shipping times and any other unexpected problems You might run into.
You are also able to get the exact UGC video You need for Your ecommerce business. Simply submit Your script & ship Your product. Let us handle the rest! 
Learn more about our UGC Video AD service.


User Generated Content ads are by far the most sought-after creatives in the world of ecommerce & dropshipping today.
UGC Ads have proven to have an amazing influence over consumers on social media. If you are still not using UGC ads on Your TikTok & Facebook AD campaigns, then now is the right time to start doing so!

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