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4 Essential Shopify Apps for Your Dropshipping Store in 2022

4 Essential Shopify Apps for Your Dropshipping Store in 2022

Shopify is one of the leading dropshipping platforms. It provides an avenue for dropshipping stores to meet sellers and buyers alike. However, these dropshippers require certain apps that make it easier for them to control the flow of transactions to and from sellers and buyers.

These apps are known as Shopify apps. These apps do not only help you manage the operations in the store, but they also help you build social proof that your business is legit and thereby, increase the conversion rate in your store.

In this article, we will review four of the most important Shopify apps that you should have on your dropshipping store. By the way, all of these Shopify apps are completely free!

1. Areviews - Free Reviews App

One of the features of online shopping is the absence of physical proof for the goods you are buying.

How then do you determine the authenticity of the products you are buying online? Reviews!

Through the comments and reviews of people who have bought the product before, you can assume, to a certain degree of accuracy, the condition of the product you are buying, thus creating trust between the buyers and the sellers.  

This trust is what you enjoy when you add a review app to your Shopify store. This app makes it possible for buyers to see the comments, reviews, and ratings of other people that have purchased the same item. This way, they have an understanding of the condition of the products they are purchasing.

Areviews is an example of a Shopify app that allows you to integrate reviews into the products in your store. The process of integration is seamless and it also allows for full theme customization.  

2. ParcelPanel - Free Order Tracking App

There is usually a time gap between when buyers place an order for a product and the time they get the product. Thus, there is a need to reassure these buyers that their ordered product is on its way to them. The best way to do this is through an order tracking app. As the name implies, it makes it easier for buyers to identify the location of their ordered product and the time left before they eventually get it.

ParcelPanel is an order tracking app that allows buyers to monitor the progress and movement of the products, while also stating the time left before the product gets to them.

3. Seguno - Free Email Marketing App

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating leads, and as a dropshipper, you need to have an email marketing app. This app enables you to reach out to potential buyers, pitch your products to them, and convert them to buyers.

Seguno is the most popular email marketing app used by dropshipping stores. It was made specifically for Shopify and allows you to send convincing emails, by using the in-built editor that came with the app.  

4. Storista - Free Instagram Reels & Stories App

For a dropshipping store, social proof is very important - it's one of the easiest way to stand out from your competitors. Social proof builds trust and relationships with buyers, as they don’t know you physically. Thus, there is a need to make them feel safe and trusting with their money and products. A great way to build social proof and trust with your customer is to showcase your social media pages on Your Shopify store.

Storista is an app that allows you to post your Instagram stories on your dropshipping store, thereby reassuring buyers that you are not a faceless seller, but someone they can relate with and reach out to. You can use Storista to showcase customer reviews, day-to-day work life or to showcase your products.


Shopify apps enable you to manage the products on your dropshipping store and ensure that you nurture potential leads into customers. Thus, you must have important and useful Shopify apps that help you convert visitors into customers!

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