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3 Reasons Why UGC is The Best Format for TikTok Ads in 2022

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Why are online ecommerce businesses and digital marketing agencies investing so much time and effort into UGC video ads for TikTok?

Simply put, UGC ads are yielding better results for their products and services than any other advertising content.

In this article we will cover the three biggest reasons why UGC ads are the top-converting ad format for TikTok in 2022.

What are UGC Video Ads?

User-generated content (UGC), also known as consumer generated marketing, are video ads and promotional media created by real users of products or services that showcase the item in a positive light.

UGC ads are becoming increasingly popular for marketing teams & Shopify dropshipping websites because it helps build authenticity and trust for their online e-commerce brand.

To get a better idea, here are 5 dropshipping UGC ad examples that You can check out.

To learn more about why these UGC ads performed so well, read our in-depth guide for these 5 UGC AD examples.

What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok ads get a name for themselves as promotional media created within the most optimised format for the platform.

These ads are usually UGC videos between 15-60 seconds in length. They feature a display of the product or service and a user discussing the benefits of the item.

These ads will often appear in the 'For You Page,' the primary section with which TikTok users interact with.

Because they are created by TikTok users themselves, these UGC ads feel native to the platform and are frequently indistinguishable from usual creator content. This helps drive up the average watch time by up to 500%.

Why are TikTok Ads Important?

TikTok ads are increasingly critical, considering these videos' positive results bring brands exposure and conversion. Many users of the platforms are far more likely to trust the opinion of a creator they respect and follow rather than brands and online businesses blatantly cold-selling their product with brand-created ads.

UGC video ads for dropshipping brand products and services feel more natural and authentic, giving a target audience more confidence in the ecommerce brand.

That is the fundamental reason why UGC videos are now the best ad format for TikTok - and we can highlight more to underline that notion.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Use UGC Ads on TikTok

Here are three integral reasons UGC is the best video ad format for TikTok.

1. UGC Ads Build Social Proof and Brand Image

UGC video ads are essential to building social proof for Your Shopify dropshipping store. Arguably, most shoppers will turn to the internet for reviews, recommendations, and results to prompt their decision on a purpose, rather than looking at brand-endorsed reviews or advertisements.

Video ads made by creators they trust will put much more faith into buying a product or service - the fundamental definition of social proof. These media build online brand loyalty through the emulation of actions of their favourite entertainers.

2. UGC Ads Build Trust Factor for Your Ecommerce Store.

UGC video ads put a face behind the products and services in question. That adds a high degree of interactivity to the media.

The creator can answer fundamental questions and queries to build more trust between the brand and customers.

Examples include adding more authenticity to your online dropshipping website, where creators show fundamental interactions with the products, promoting how they can benefit.

3. User Generated Content is Native for TikTok

Because they are natural and created by influencers users trust, users feel more comfortable with the products. This is a simple method to gain an upper-hand on Your dropshipping competitors.

The natural manner of UGC video ads from TikTok influencers removes the stigmas of traditional advertising. Ultimately, it's the level of trust online marketers seek to promote their dropshipping products more effectively and efficiently.

Where Can I Get UGC Video Ads?

So now you understand why UGC video ads are so effective on TikTok, you may be considering using them for your products.

Adsellr specializes in creating brilliant UGC video ads for TikTok that see better results, partnering with hundreds of influencers worldwide. By outsourcing UGC ads to an agency, You avoid running into unexpected problems, such as inconsistent communication with influencers, no leverage, long shipping times etc. You are also able to submit Your own script for the UGC ad, giving You total control over the AD creative.


UGC Ads are undoubtedly the top-performing format for Tiktok in 2022. By using the power of UGC, you can gain an upper-hand over Your competitors and indefinitely increase the ROAS of Your next social media marketing campaign.

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