Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Wokecustoms specializes in custom-made and branded sneakers, offering unique designs and a wide range of popular brands.

About the Brand

A Unique Customization Studio for Sneakers

Wokecustoms is an Estonia-based customization studio that sells custom-made and branded sneakers, from popular brands such as Nike, Artis Low, and Vans. Founded in 2018 by Juhan Loorits, the company has grown from a bedroom operation to a small studio in Estonia's capital, where the team works daily on designing digital and physical pairs for customers worldwide.

When Wokecustoms approached Adsellr, they wanted to increase brand visibility, boost sales, and enhance customer engagement.



After the discovery call, our team proposed a three-month marketing campaign for Wokecustoms that included Website Redesign, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Facebook Ads Management. Additionally, we suggested implementing a 12-month SEO strategy to further enhance their online presence and boost organic traffic.

Limited Online Presence

Wokecustoms had a limited online presence, which hindered their ability to reach a wider audience and increase sales. Some of the issues were:

  • Poor website design: The website lacked a user-friendly interface and engaging content.
  • Ineffective social media strategy: Their social media presence was minimal, with low follower counts and engagement.
  • Lack of creative content: Wokecustoms didn't have enough compelling content to showcase their unique designs and customizations.

Inefficient Facebook Ads Strategy

Wokecustoms faced challenges with their Facebook Ads due to:

  • Limited ad creatives: They were using only a few ad creatives, which didn't effectively showcase their product offerings.
  • Poor audience targeting: Their ad targeting was not optimized, leading to low engagement and conversion rates.
  • Inadequate ad budget allocation: They were not efficiently allocating their ad budget, resulting in wasted ad spend.

Low Conversion Rates

Wokecustoms was struggling with low conversion rates due to:

  • Ineffective product presentation: Product images and descriptions were not optimized to showcase the unique selling points of their custom sneakers.
  • Limited retargeting efforts: They were not effectively retargeting potential customers who had shown interest in their products.

Marketing Strategy

1. Website Redesign

We redesigned their website to create a user-friendly interface and engaging content that showcased their unique designs and customizations.

2. Facebook Ads Management

We optimized Wokecustoms' Facebook Ads strategy by creating a diverse range of ad creatives, refining audience targeting, and efficiently allocating their ad budget to maximize returns on ad spend.

3. Social Media Marketing

We developed and executed an effective social media strategy to increase their follower counts, boost engagement, and drive traffic to their website.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimized product images and descriptions for effective product presentation and implemented retargeting efforts to re-engage potential customers who had shown interest in their products.


FB Ads ROAS (3rd month)


Increase in conversion rate


Organic Instagram followers gained


By the end of the third month, Adsellr had helped Wokecustoms achieve:

Facebook AD ROAS of 4.2x

Helping generate more revenue for their business.

35% Increase in Conversion Rate

Due to website redesign and conversion optimization strategies.

12,000+ New Instagram followers

Enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

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