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Custom Stores delivery time temporarily up to 7 days.

Refund & Revision Policy


Video Ads, UGC Video Ads and Shopify Stores created and delivered to clients of are nonrefundable because there is no way for us to recoup our labor costs to produce and deliver the agreed upon service. 

This policy is featured on product pages and enforced with TOS agreements before buyer's are able to place an order.

You can only cancel your order for 60 minutes after you have placed an order. Please contact us at or open a case from the help desk.


We provide five free revisions on all orders at Adsellr.

Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours after we have fulfilled & delivered the order to the buyer's email that was used during checkout.

Al revisions are submitted via our help centre.


In case of a chargeback which violates our TOS, we cooperate with  Federal Debt Collections (FDC) and Inkasso to resolve. Thank you for understanding.