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Custom Stores delivery time temporarily up to 7 days.

How Does it Work?

The entire process has been designed to be as user-convenient as possible. 

#1 Customer places order

You can place an order on the product page. You must select your desired package using the variant selection.

Our pricing varies on video runtime, footage sourcing and extra packages.

    All packages include HD .jpg thumbnails, ad copy and .aep project files. We also offer a variety of extra packages.

    #2 Customer submits order details

    The requirement form will be shown after clicking "Proceed to Requirements". The requirement form contains all necessary details regarding the order.

    The Requirements:

    • Footage. Upload footage to a website such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share with us by link. You can also share footage with the email (Only applies for orders with footage sourcing)

    • Brand logo (png)

    • Other images (optional)

    • Specific Soundtrack Requests (optional)

    • Product Links

    • Your product names

    • Social media account links (helps us study your brand & audience)

    • Third party videos for reference (optional)

    • Website link (helps us study your brand & audience)

    • Any specific fonts you would like us to use. (optional)

    • Your theme colors. (optional)

    • Your email (This is where we will deliver the videos to)

    Extra Packages:

    • Fast Delivery (24 hours)

    • Voiceover

    • Brand Evaluation (We will analyze your website and social media and deliver a .pdf  with specific changes you can make to increase your CR)

    • AD campaign Blueprint (We will deliver a .pdf blueprint with exact instructions on maximizing sales from Facebook video ad campaigns)

    • Delivery in another resolution (such as 1920x1080 for Youtube)

    After submitting the requirements, you will be redirected to checkout. You will receive an order confirmation email as soon as you have completed checkout.

    #3 Delivery

    We will complete the video within 1-4 days. You will be sent an email with a .zip file containing your order.

    All Orders Include

    • Video files
    • Thumbnails (.jpg)
    • Ad copy (.txt) 
    • Project files (.aep and .veg)
    • Any extra packages (if selected)

    If you're dissatisfied with the video, you can request a revision here. We provide unlimited free revisions.

    Revisions can only be submitted for up to 24 hours after delivery.

    Revisions can take up to 4 days to be completed. 

    Only with your approval will the order will be marked as complete and closed.