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What are UGC video ADs?

UGC video ADs, or User Generated Content video ADs are custom product review videos made by eCommerce customers. These can be made organically by your customer, or you can ship your product to a social media influencer who will then, in return, record a custom review video of your product. 

If you don't have the time to find such influencers, you can also hire an agency who can provide UGC video ADs services for your dropshipping store.

Why are UGC ADs so Profitable?

UGC ads are highly profitable, because they are made by the customer. User generated content will give your customer someone to relate to because it feels organic and authentic.

UGC video ADs are also a great for showcasing emotions that your product can create. UGC Ads are usually simple & clean, with little video editing. This has proven to convert well for ecommerce stores.

Where to Get UGC ADs?

You can contact an influencer on Instagram or TikTok, ask them to collaborate with you and send them your product. This can be a difficult process, and sometimes you might not get the result you were expecting since there is no guarantee that an influencer will follow up with you after receiving your dropshipping product. This can also be expensive, because Instagram and TikTok influencers can charge up to $2000 per UGC video AD.

You can also hire a video editing production agency who can provide the UGC video ads service for you. You will simply send them your product, and they will do the rest. This is much more user-friendly and allows ecommerce store owners to outsource and automate UGC video ads without having to worry about the result.

Should I Use UGC Video ADs in Q1 2022?

Yes. UGC video Ads were top performers in Q4 2021, so they will continue to be in Q1 2022. UGC Ads will always work well, because of how authentic and organic they feel. It allows your customer to relate to someone, and helps put your brand and product to a human face. This all leads to more conversions & purchases when advertising dropshipping products on Facebook Ads, TikTok ADs and Instagram Ads.

TL:DR: UGC video ADs are custom product review videos, that convert well in Q1 2022. You can either contact influencers yourself on TikTok & Instagram or hire an agency to create UGC Video ADs for you.

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