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Should You Use UGC Video Ads in 2022?

in 2022, the most popular video AD format among TikTok Advertisers are UGC Video Ads.

UGC Video Ads, or user generated content are videos made by your customer. For dropshippers, this is usually custom product review videos, tutorial videos, unboxing videos etc.

  • Why Should You Use UGC Video Ads?

  • Where to Get UGC Video Ads?

  • Find Social Media Influencers For Your Dropshipping Business:

  • How to Find UGC Video Ads for My Dropshipping Store?

  • Where to Use UGC Video Ads?

Why Should You Use UGC Video Ads?

UGC Video Ads are popular for many reasons, some of which are:

  • UGC Videos give your customer someone to relate with.
  • UGC Video Ads feel organic and natural, because they are not focused solely on your dropshipping product.
  • UGC Video Ads have a higher average watch time. With UGC video Ads, you have a higher chance of going viral than with a regular product advertisement. 
  • Dropshipping UGC Video ads also help build your brand image since it will associate your product and brand with a friendly face & positive emotions.

Where to Get UGC Video Ads?

To get User Generated Content for your dropshipping product, you need to either contact social media influencers yourself, or hire a Video AD Production Agency to create the videos for you.

Find Social Media Influencers For Your Dropshipping Business:

  1. Find a social media influencer in your target demographic.
  2. Contact them and offer to send them your product in exchange for a custom product review video.
  3. Ask them for their pricing & pay them.
  4. Now you can ship them your product & wait for them to complete your UGC video.
  5. Done!

How to Find UGC Video Ads for My Dropshipping Store?

You can also skip the trouble of finding influencers yourself, and hire a dropshipping video AD editing studio to do the hard work for you. This helps save time and allows you to focus on the bigger picture within your dropshipping business.

  1. Choose your UGC Video AD Package
  2. Submit Requirements & Choose Your Creator
  3. Complete Checkout
  4. Ship your product to the creator
  5. Get Your UGC video in 5-6 days after your product arrives
  6. Done!

Where to Use UGC Video Ads?

UGC Video Ads are most popular with TikTok ads. UGC Video Ads are highly likely to go viral on TikTok because your product is associated with another human.

You can also use UGC Video Ads for Facebook Ads & Instagram Reels. 

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