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5 Reasons Not To Buy a Dropshipping Store from Fiverr

2022 is a great time to start dropshipping. eCommerce has become the fastest growing industry on the planet. Because of the pandemic, consumers are more reliant on ecommerce than ever. Now is the perfect time to start your own dropshipping store & start earning profits from your computer.

You might be enticed to hire someone to build a dropshipping store for you. That's not such a bad idea, if you have a large budget.

You just shouldn't hire someone from fiverr. Here's why.

Bad Website Design Stores

Put yourself in the sellers position. If you were able to build profitable businesses, why would you be selling it on fiverr for $10? 

The eCommerce dropshipping stores that you see on fiverr are made with poor copy, poor website graphics & poor product pages.

Just compare the pre-built Shopify stores you see on fiverr to industry leading dropshipping stores and you will see the difference.

Poor SEO

The pre-built Shopify stores  are not optimized for SEO. This means you won't get any organic traffic from Google Search, which is crucial for any long term,  stable business model.

The copy writing you see on fiverr is not optimized with Google Trends & Keyword Planner. There's many grammar mistakes, no ALT text and no meta field captions or descriptions.

We do all of this for our pre built dropshipping stores. We know how important it is to gain healthy traffic from Google Search so we put a lot of effort into ensuring our pre-built dropshipping stores are Search Engine Optimized.

Does Debut Theme Work in 2022? No. It does not.

Many sellers on fiverr make their stores with free, default Shopify themes such as Debut.

Dropshipping stores with the debut theme may have worked in 2016, but they are no longer profitable in 2022. 

Nowadays you need to be smarter & use custom built, or paid Shopify themes. This is why we include 30 Premium Shopify Themes with each store we sell.

Some great Shopify Themes for building your own dropshipping store are Prestige, Boost, Simplify, Dawn, Debutify etc. These are all fast & responsive Shopify themes that are optimized for profitable dropshipping in 2022.

Recycled Dropshipping Stores

Many sellers on fiverr simply recycle the same store for every order. If you look at a seller's previous work on fiverr, you will notice that every store looks identical.

Only the product, pictures and text is different. The website layout, menus, header & footer placement are all identical. 

Now you have thousands of competitors with identical stores. That's bad.

No Winning Products 

Fiverr sellers usually simply choose the cheapest products they find on Aliexpress. They don't look at supplier reviews, shipping times, processing times, customer feedback or demand. 

These saturated products have already been sold by thousands of other dropshippers. There's little room for new competitors since the market is already so saturated.

Where to Buy Dropshipping Store in 2022?

We offer premium, pre-built active dropshipping stores that are made with premium website design, SEO optimized copy writing, great product and landing pages, beautiful logo designs & so much more. 

We also include 30 Premium Shopify Themes, a 10k follower Instagram account & some video ads so you can start advertising.

If you're hesitant about this decision, or have another question, please contact us directly through Instagram. We love discussing about eCommerce & we are happy to provide advice for free. We reply fast.

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