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5 Reasons To Use UGC Video ADs in 2022

UGC Video Ads are seriously powerful.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use User Generated Video Ads in 2022.

🤔 5 Reasons You Should Use UGC Video ADs in 2022

🔥 UGC Videos feel organic because they are made by the product user.

🔥 UGC video ads build trust and give your customer someone to relate with

🔥 In 2021, UGC video ads had a 74% higher average watch time than standard video ads

🔥 UGC video Ads are more likely to go viral on TikTok

🔥 UGC Video ads help build your brand image and associate your product with positive emotions.

⭐ How To Get User Generated Content for My Dropshipping Product? 

There are two main methods to get UGC video ads for your dropshipping store.

Let's start with the more difficult method.

1) First, determine your target audience.

2) Second, create an Instagram account. Go find social media influencers in your target niche. If you are a beginner dropshipper with a smaller budget, you should target influencers with less than 5k followers. Find at least 10 influencers.

3) Now that you have a list of 10 Instagram influencers, start sending DM-s. Offer to send each and every influencer a free product in exchange of an UGC Video AD.

You can also offer cash payment, since many influencers will not accept free product in exchange for UGC video ads.

Here are a few things you should mention

  • Ask for their shipping address.
  • Agree on a turnover delivery time after your dropshipping product arrives.
  • Make sure they know you are dropshipping.
  • Describe exactly what you need them to do in the video. Showing them an example of other UGC video ADs would probably be best.
  • Be honest & transparent about everything.
  • Have common sense to avoid scams.

4) Ship your product. Make sure to use fast shipping so you don't have to keep them waiting.

5) Once Your video is delivered, You need to video edit. You can hire a video editing production studio service online, or, you can do this yourself. Software like Adobe After Effects & Vegas Pro are great tools for video editing. Keep it clean & interesting.

6) ...And Your done! 🚀 You are now ready to start advertising with your UGC Video Ads.

That takes a lot of time... Is there a simpler method? 🤔

Yes, there is!

1) Go to Adsellr/ugc.

2) Submit your requirements & place an order. You can describe exactly what you want in the UGC video. You can also choose your UGC actor for the video.

3) After you place an order, we will email you the shipping address for your UGC actor. Ship your product ASAP.

4) Once your product arrives, we will deliver your UGC video within 5 days. 

5) Done! That was easy, huh? 🚀 

You are now ready to start advertising with your UGC Video Ads.

Good luck!

Learn more about UGC Video Ads Service.

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